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One of the most important things, and one that you don’t generally want to think about, is doing a Will.

Two things are certain in life: Death and Taxes, as the saying goes. While we all plan for taxes, only 40% of us plan for death. That needs to change.

Though your life you work, buy property, earn money, get married and have a family. All of this leads to having to think about: what happens to my family if I pass away.

Making a Will does not have to fill you with dread, think of it as :-

  • Protecting your family and reducing the stress for them
  • Better tax planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Ensuring your wishes will be abided by

There are different types of Will

  • Standard Will
  • Living Will
  • Mirror Will/ Joint Wills- normally for married couples of long-term partners with Children
  • Living Wills

There are Powers of Attorney to consider when doing a Will: Heath and Wealth LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney) deal with your daily routine, medical care, care home requirements, Life Sustaining Treatment while Property and Financial Affairs LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney) deal with managing bank accounts, collecting income, paying your outgoings (bills) and selling your home.

If that all sounds scary, don’t worry we can help.

As your circumstances and wealth changes so too will your Will. Age 25, your status is very different to when you are in your 50s. So don’t think of a Will as a finished book. It is an on-going story. You can always amend your Will to reflect your changing circumstances and hopes.

The Moving Hub are here to remove the stress out of making a Will. Don’t be in the 60% bracket that have yet to sort this, be one of the 40% that have protected their family and assets!

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