Why Choosing the Wrong Solicitor Holds Up the Chain

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Why Choosing the Wrong Solicitor Holds Up the Chain

The sale and purchase chain involves a large number of steps. For estate agents, these steps involve reviewing and creating property listings, interviewing potential clients, going with clients to property sites, discussing sale or purchase conditions, and drawing up contracts. The next link in the chain is solicitors, who coordinate the various legal aspects of transactions. Working with a solicitor is essential to ensure that clients are able to find or sell property with minimal stress and as few challenges as possible.

With that said, it is all too easy for the property chain to break. This typically happens when agents choose the wrong solicitor. Solicitors are not made equal. A general solicitor may seem like a logical choice to partner with throughout the transaction, but this type of solicitor will seldom have the experience and understanding required to navigate the specific steps within the chain.

One of the biggest challenges for agents is finding a solicitor who can navigate transactions timeously. Another challenge is ensuring a better level of communication. Solicitors who do not handle conveyancing on a regular basis will often take longer to complete the various transactions involved in the purchase and sale process. They will also lack the resources that specialist conveyancers can provide, including value-added services such as home buyer protection, insurance, and surveys. This has an impact not only on estate agents but also clients.

Partnering with the right solicitor.

To help clients navigate the often stressful process of buying or selling property, estate agents need to work with conveyancers and other property specialists who have the experience and expertise to assist during all stages of the process. Making use of introducers helps to connect all of these parties, while also streamlining the overall chain. This also prevents gaps, while adding value to clients.

When agents work with solicitors who are not fully versed in conveyancing, there is far less peace of mind that buyers and sellers are fully protected by legal specialists trained specifically in property transactions. Failing to use a conveyancer also means that there is a greater chance of legal pitfalls that arise from a lack of experience within the constantly evolving property market. Property solicitors are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of sales, purchase, and transfer, with an extensive understanding of UK property laws. Unlike general solicitors, they are not juggling multiple cases and legal areas. Instead, they are focused on a single area – property.

The Moving Hub was created to help estate agents connect to mortgage brokers as well as insurers and financial advisors. Our conveyancing platform brings introducers together to create a seamless chain that benefits estate agents as well as clients. Making use of this type of platform is a simple and effective way to ensure that you find expert help to make transactions go as smoothly as possible.