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If you are over 55, Equity Release is an effective way of unlocking value (known as equity) in your property without the requirement to make monthly repayments.

It may be that you wish to maintain your current lifestyle or supplement any retirement income. The money released can be used for home/garden improvements, paying off an outstanding mortgage, paying debts, gifting to others (children etc), going on holiday or paying regular bills. This is not an exclusive list.

How can we help

If you feel equity release could be a viable option for you we can assist you with our IFA (recommend) who will assess your financial situation. We can then assist in:
· Ensuring you fully understand the terms and conditions of the loan

· Dealing with the equity release provider’s solicitors

· Dealing with any issues raised on the title

· Ensuring you receive your funds as soon as possible.

We ensure you are kept informed at every stage of the transaction. We can attend your home to allow you to receive the advice and assurances you require whilst in the comfort of your own home.