Sink or Swim Time for Estate Agents

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Sink or Swim Time for Estate Agents

Since Brexit was made official, the property market has been seeing a major boom that has been labelled the “Boris bounce”. While both the seller’s and buyer’s markets are seeing an increase, the rise of estate agents has also made way for increased competition. This means that both buyers and sellers have more choice on how and where to sell or buy their homes. As a result, agents need to work even harder to survive and adapt.

The traditional sale and purchase model focused purely on property. Many agencies have continued with this model, despite the fact that customers have begun to expect more. Ultimately, the goal is to provide buyers and sellers with the best service, with a seamless customer journey. This can be done through ancillary services that add more value.

Staying ahead of the real estate game.

The fewer steps involved in the process, the better. Customers seldom want to spend extra time seeking out individual insurers, experts, and conveyancers. Many customers may find the process confusing – especially those who have not sold or purchased property before. Finding a conveyancer, dealing with brokers, and conducting various other tasks can quickly get challenging. When selling a property, sellers look for an agency that is not able to only sell their property but also handle various other services related to the sales. These range from property conveyancing to property valuations, removals, sale and purchase conveyancing, transfer of equity, and various other add-on services that make the purchase easier. Buyers, meanwhile, also require various services. These could include surveys, buyer protection, remortgages, removals, insurance, and other add-ons.

When such services are not offered, there is a high chance of customers turning to an agency that can offer far more than sales and purchases. You could have a large portfolio of properties and a stellar team of agents who go over and beyond to help customers find a dream home or finalise sales. You may still find yourself losing out to a competing agency who can go one step further through enhanced offerings that make it easier to buy or sell property.

This means that agents have a choice to stay ahead in today’s market… learn how to adapt to the changing needs of real estate or get left behind. Looking for solutions such as introducer platforms that help estate agents connect to brokers, insurers, and conveyancers is the best way to stay ahead and reap the rewards.