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We at The Moving Hub believe offering a single conveyancing service is not enough. The market is changing all the time and clients look for more. Below is a list of all the additional services that we can offer to your clients.

Home Buyer Protection Insurance

There are certain risks involved when you make the big decision to put in an offer on a house. For example, someone else could come in with a higher offer and gazump you out of contention. The offer could fall through for any number of reasons at any time. Without home buyers’ protection insurance, the fees you have already paid are entirely lost. With home buyers’ protection insurance, however, you can rest assured that you’ll recoup your costs.


We find that many home buyers do not exactly understand the reason for carrying out a survey prior to buying a home so tend to avoid it completely but are then faced with £1000’s worth of repair bills. It is always recommended to carry out a survey to give your clients peace of mind that the property is safe to live in. The Moving Hub panel of solicitors will provide a competitive fixed price for your client and the promise of a local RICS chartered surveyor.


The Moving Hub have exclusively partnered up with the largest group of individual removal firms in the UK ensuring that your client is able to arrange their removal service as efficiently and stress free as possible with a local. We are there to arrange everything on their behalf to help make their experience easier.

Home Insurance

It doesn’t matter whether your clients live in four-bedroom houses in the country or two-bedroom flats in the city. All that matters is if your client purchases a property, they will need home insurance. Home insurance comes in two types: Buildings insurance and Contents insurance. Insurance providers usually offer them as two separate policies, as well as a joint package, so your clients can choose the option that suits their needs and budget.