It’s time to reassess your conveyancing partner!

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It’s time to reassess your conveyancing partner!

Now the first deadline of the stamp duty holiday has passed, the property market is reflecting on the last year. While the momentum in the market has sustained so far, the deadline has provided the opportunity for businesses to look back. Many sectors have been affected by the tax break, whether experiencing a spike in demand or adapting business operations. But as many firms reassess how they are running; many are taking the chance to make changes. Although the conveyancing industry has been inundated following the stamp duty holiday and the pandemic, it remains as important as ever to get right. As we continue to leave previous restrictions behind us, opportunities are arising for businesses to make further changes. If you are a mortgage broker, estate agent, or financial advisor looking for a new conveyancing partner, or to reassess your current one, now is the time to do it. We have compiled a list of the key components to consider, to ensure your clients receive the highest level of service.

What to look for in a conveyancing partner?

  • A technology-driven approach: The conveyancing industry is starting to evolve, with more firms turning to online approaches. The days of popping in to see a local conveyancing solicitor may now be behind us. Online conveyancing firms remove the necessity for physical visits, meaning they can complete transactions even if the customer is not local. Online portals, biometric identification services, and live case tracking, a modern conveyancing partner provides a faster, more efficient solution.
  • Close communication: We all know how busy conveyancers are, especially after the last year. While they focus on driving transactions forward, sometimes communication falters. Not only does this put pressure on your customers, but it also adds to your workload. Having a conveyancing partner that communicates closely with the firms on their panel is essential in a busy market. When customers are left in the dark, they start to panic and unnecessary pressures are put on the chain. Avoid this by choosing a partner that has built strong relationships with their panel as well as your business and your customers.
  • Full customer support: As the property market continues to move forward, customers can feel like they are being left behind. Sometimes they simply want to be reassured that their case is progressing correctly. Other times, they may need help alleviating some tension within their chain. Instead of taking this work on yourself, have the right partners in place to help. Choose a conveyancing partner that will support your customers throughout their transaction, instead of merely outsourcing the work. Not only will this take the chasing off your plate, but also help deliver the best customer care to your clients.

Why choosing the right conveyancing partner is so important:

Although conveyancing referrals may not feel like a top priority, having the right partners in place will enhance the service your business delivers. A conveyancing partner that provides a full, streamlined service to support your clients also removes some of the workload from your plate. You can remove the need for chasing conveyancers yourself by choosing a partner that will do it for you. Speed up the process with a firm that can complete identification and AML checks within minutes instead of weeks. Give your clients peace of mind with a dedicated customer support team to guide them throughout their transactions. Now is the time to re-evaluate what you need from your conveyancing partner and to make changes to benefit your business!

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