How will conveyancing change after the last year?

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How will conveyancing change after the last year?

The property market has proven its resilience over the last year, despite the ongoing challenges caused by the pandemic. Many traditional conveyancing practices have been forced to modernise to enable customers to continue towards their property goals. Although we remain in a national lockdown, there is a fresh wave of positivity sweeping the market. Buyers are starting to see beyond the impending deadline of the stamp duty holiday, as more home-movers consider their next ventures.

The property world is reactive and adaptable:

We have all made changes to our lives following the introduction of further safety measures that help keep us safe. For many, technology helped form a bridge between safety and normality. In both our personal and work lives, technology has been integral in keeping things moving, with some measures looking likely to stay. From virtual viewings to Zoom appointments, technology has been utilised in a way that will transform the industry forever.

The conveyancing industry is changing too:

As professionals adopt more of these practices into their businesses, the conveyancing world is too turning towards technology. Online platforms understood how technology could drive the conveyancing process forward, even before the pandemic. By cutting out the need for face-to-face meetings and physical exchanges of documents, quicker turnarounds can be achieved. Alongside live case-tracking to give you and your clients updates in real-time, smoother transactions can be facilitated.

What does this mean for the future of conveyancing?

Now the value of technology has been realised by more in the industry, modern conveyancing solutions are more popular than ever. Many advisors are employing these online solutions to drive their clients’ conveyancing transactions forward. The future of conveyancing is in the technology that powers the process. Having access to such a solution is key for your business and allowing more of your clients’ transactions to complete, faster.

How can The Moving Hub help?

At The Moving Hub, we utilise modern technology to create our bespoke, online conveyancing solution. Our portal will connect your clients to expert conveyancers through the power of technology. We are proud to offer an innovative biometric identification service, which removes the process of posting documents for ID and AML checks. What would take traditional conveyancers’ weeks to achieve can now be complete in minutes! Combined with our online case tracking, your clients can get updates 24/7!

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The Moving Hub is here to drive the conveyancing process forward for your clients. Our online service delivers real results and enables cases to complete faster and more efficiently. With our dedicated customer support team here to answer their questions and queries, you can trust your clients will be in safe hands. Contact us today to find out more about the services we offer or click here to register with The Moving Hub today!