Our third party partners who assist in your instruction

To be able to produce your conveyancing or survey quote we require the assistance of some third party companies, in order to comply with accuracy, money laundering checks, ordering searches among many other things.

Please find a list of our third party partners:

Panel of Conveyancing Firms – A full panel of conveyancers to perform the instruction.

Panel of Mortgage Brokers – A panel of mortgage brokers to offer you a free mortgage and insurance health check as one of our clients.

Arbor Digital – Developing our websites and platform.

Yoti – To provide the data check for your anti-money laundering check and identification verification.

One Search Direct – To organise your local search and other searches depending on your requirements.

Elavon or RMS – As your payment gateway to make payments securely.

UK Fast – To look after our offsite and cloud-based servers and firewalls.

Mailchimp and Mandrill – To look after our email traffic.

HRH Ventures – Offering you a free will service as one of our clients.

Surewise – Who we use to insure your purchase against gazumping, if you wish their services.