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23-06-2021 - Logo change explained!

Learn more about our different instructions

As you are aware, we proudly operate two sides of the business: The Moving Hub for B2B clients and Home Legal Direct, our main B2C brand. Although we can distinguish them on our system, it has recently come to our attention that you cannot.

With this in mind, we updated the summary page on your dashboard. Now you can see the logos next to each deal. For Home Legal Direct cases, you will see the Home Legal Direct logo. For any cases that were referred by The Moving Hub, you will see the logo for the advisor firm that referred the transaction to us.

To summarise, if you see a Home Legal Direct logo, then it will be a Home Legal Direct client. If you see another logo, it has been referred by The Moving Hub!

28-05-2021 - Upgrade to our ID check notifications!

Failed identification check emails

We listened to your feedback and have now added an automated email to customers, should their ID check fail!

In most cases, a failed result is simply down to the algorithm not committing due to the biometric face scan. For example, if the customer wears glasses in the face scan and not in their photo ID. This is where you come in! You can verify the report and essentially override the negative result if you are happy that the match is sufficient.

14-05-2021 - Introducing brand new features!

Solicitor Summary

1) Repanel requests

You can now put in Repanel Requests! Instead of sending emails, you can do it straight from the Solicitor Summary page! Simply click the reason in the dropdown menu, or the one that fits best, and make sure to tick the ‘Solicitor Repanel Only’ box. Then scroll down and click the update button at the bottom, so send the request directly to our support team! 

2) Resend instruction emails

Save time calling into the office by resending instruction emails from the Solicitor Summary page! All you need to do is click the button to resend it to the email address for the named conveyancer on the file!

3) Resend search results

Just like the instruction emails, you can also resend searches to the conveyancer named on the file! Save time by requesting them through the Solicitor Summary page and send them to the conveyancer, in seconds!

4) Expected dates for Local Authority searches

Now you can see the estimated dates for local authority searches, direct from the Solicitor Summary page! These will be updated automatically if the search provider amends the date, so you will always be in the know!

We hope you like the updates!

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